Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative

​​Since 1992, the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, a project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, has demonstrated that jurisdictions can safely reduce reliance on secure confinement and generally strengthen their juvenile justice systems through a series of interrelated reform strategies. JDAI is now being replicated in almost 200 jurisdictions in 39 states and the District of Columbia.

The JDAI Helpdesk is an online tool for advocates, practitioners, policymakers, and others interested in improving juvenile justice systems. By sharing juvenile justice best practices, research and materials generated by JDAI jurisdictions, the JDAI Helpdesk shares what works in juvenile justice. Featured materials include: documented strategies and tools to safely reduce secure confinement, improve public safety, avoid costs and do what works for youth to develop into healthy, productive adults. These materials are catalogued and available for downloading and sharing. If you are unable to locate specific information on this site, please submit questions to the Helpdesk.

The Pretrial Justice Institute in partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation operates the JDAI Helpdesk. We are interested in hearing your thoughts. Please feel free to leave us feedback.​​​


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